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Tell Me More About Digitalization.

Just One Day!
Yes, you can switch to Digital Schooling in just one day.
We would configure your system, instantiate your school on the server and cloud,
and you are all set to go Digital.

All Data entry in the new digital system is usually done effectively and efficiently by our team,
but due to limitations imposed by COVID-19 Scenario schools are advised to do the data entry job themselves.
However, we are ready to help you with the process in all possible ways :)

We would resume data entry as soon as COVID-19 situations are easened.

You are not required to close your school during the transition to digital schooling
as you know we have "One Day Transition" scheme.

Just choose a day or any weekend and Go Digital next day.

YES ! to the first question.
NO ! to the second question.
We are happy to let you know SchoolWare is a Generic Model. It is developed in the most generic fashion to suit all schools irrespective of your school functioning structure.
So, School Authority does not need to make any changes in the schooling structure.

Do All Same Activities Just Do In Digital Way.

Once the free trial digital period exhausts you would be prompted to choose the best fit plan for your school and complete the payment accordingly. And you are all set to Lead The Digital Way of Schooling With your SchoolWare.
You are free to Own your schoolWare anytime before the trial period expires.

Just feed the data of active students and teachers and your school is ready to lead the digital way without any issues.

However, you are free to store data of your alma mater also and we support you with your decision.

Tell Me More About Online Classes : EduOn

YES. Why Not?
EduOn:The Sole Solution.
EduOn is here to take care of all online classes and discussions. It comes inbuilt with your SchoolWare Modular System.
It has some really cool and OAK features.

Just form your online classroom and let the learning never stop.

EduOn is fully-featured Online Module for conducting Online Education with Ease & Security.
It is inbuilt in Your SchoolWare Modular System.

It has some really cool and OAK features like Selective Streaming.

Tell Me More About Payment & Pricing

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get

Pricing Structure of Your SchoolWare is very simple and flexible.
You pay as per the number of Active Strength of your School. So, that you Never Pay More
Further, We have four plans; Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly, and Annually.
Choose your plan as per your convenience and requirement.

Register with us to know the most reasonable price for your school
and choose the best plan. Get Your Best Plan

Note : Prices for all Plans do not include Streaming Charge of EduOn. Streaming Charge for EduOn is on Pay Per Use Basis, So that you never pay extra.

We are already providing The Digital Bird Offer. Be A Digital Bird

You would be paying through the invoice which you would receive based on your plan(Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly, Yearly).
We accept payments through Net Banking, Debit/Credit Cards, PayTm and UPIs.
Pay with your convenience.

You are not required to pay for first Fifteen Day as we are with THE DIGITAL BIRD OFFER. Be A Digital Bird

Tell Me More About Offers

We are decisive to cope with the world Digitalization.
To provide further impetus and to ease out the situations for our future-o-digi-ready schools
we have 15-Day-Free Service, where:
Your School get to use the SchoolWare Modular System, with full features, for 15 Days without investing any penny.
You get the chance to experience the digital revolution and digitalize your school for free.

Your 15-Day-Free SchoolWare is Here Be A Digital Bird

The Digital Bird Offer aims at making our Schools Digital in the most easy and efficient way.
It provides you various benefits such as:

Great Discounts: On all plans and for all Schools.
First-15-Day-Free: Experience your SchoolWare free for 15 Days. Be Sure.Then Invest.
Minimum Charge New Updates: Get New Updates & Features from SchoolWare without or with minimum
service charge possible.

The Digital Bird Offer is for limited time.
Happy Digitalization

One Day Transition is our scheme which promises that we would completely configure
your SchoolWare in One Day (24 Hours), so that there could be no hindrance on the school daily activities.

Go Digital The Next Day.

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We would be very happy to help.

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