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SchoolWare is a Modular System.
We would like to dissociate it from the word “Management”.
It is not just a mere management tool.
It is a Model.
It is a digital model made up of three different generic and cloud-based interfaces for:

SchoolWare Software Generic, Consistent and Easy To Use
Cloud-based Software
For All Administration Tasks.
SchoolWare Teachers App Super Responsive and Easy To Use
Cloud-based App For Teachers
To Manage all school activities.
SchoolWare Parents App Super Responsive and Easy To Use
Cloud-based App For Parents
To Manage student’s activities.

Our USPs

We provide a whole bunch of new and useful features and facilities
which makes us stand apart and afore.

Software Points

What We Provide ?

SchoolWare provides you with plethora of features which makes everything easier form Management, Maintenance, Communication to Data Storage & Security.
Managing & Maintaining is now easier with SchoolWare.
Some of our features are mentioned below:

SchoolWare Software

Handle all School Activities seamlessly from one spot. We are provided with the click-oriented facilities plus super useful Management Tools to manage all school activities.
Below we show some the super remarkable features of this Cloud-based, easy-to-use Interface.

Software Points

SchoolWare App for Teachers

It is a one screen cloud-based solution with a easy to use and super responsive interface for all teacher related functions like taking attendance, giving homework, view daily/weekly timetables, scheduling exams/class tests, uploading study materials and much more. All in few taps.
Below we show some the super remarkable features of this Cloud-based, easy-to-use Interface.

Faculty Points

SchoolWare App for Parents/Students

Everything could be accessed here by parents regarding their ward’s daily school activities from Time Table to Home-Work Diary everything.
Below we show some the super remarkable features of this Cloud-based, easy-to-use Interface.

Students Points

Why SchoolWare?

That's a great question.

Let's Answer

Because, we have User-Benefit-Oriented features.

We have:

Features That
Benefits You.

Online Classes

Online Classes

Conduct Online classes with ease and security.

SchoolWare Modular Solution has inbuilt EduOn Module to conduct online education with OAK features.

Don’t bother to invest separately for various fronts of Digital Education

Be Efficient : Be A Digital

Online Competitions

Online Competitions and Exams

Generate and Conduct online competitions and Exams to foster a sense of healthy competition environment among students and prepare them with the best of knowledge and techniques

Make learning more interactive and objective.

First Use The Pay

First Use. Then Pay

Get Digital and Pay after Fifteen Days if you are satisfied with the system and service.

Just take the benefit of this offer.

Go Digital for free. Like the Digital Ecosystem. Adorn It.

Cloud Based

Cloud Based

Schools all important data is stored on cloud which is hosted and secured by Best Cloud Providers in the Industry. You do not have to store these important data in registers, or any physical computer. This nullifies any chances of data loss in any adverse incident or damage to the hardware.

Your Data is Secure.
Everything is online and accessible 24*7 without compromising on security.

Your Data is At Ease.

One Day Transition

One Day Transition

You are not required to stop the functioning of the school even for a single hour during the transition from present schooling system to The New Digital Modular System, because we will take just one day to do so.

Just choose a weekend holiday.

Get Your School Digital.

Join the Digital League the next Day

Completely Online

Complete Online Service

We are completely online right from registration to the working of your SchoolWare.
It makes our service smooth, efficient and cost-effective especially when we are amidst this COVID-19 crisis.
No More unneccessary time consuming meetings. Go Digital from your computer.

All In One Solution

All In One Solution (AIOS)

Just choose this one Model and choose to
management, maintainance, storage, security, communication.

This reduces the workforce and increases the overall functional productivity.


No Data Entry

Don't take the headache of entering records of Students and Teachers into new Digital System.

All initial Data feeding would be done efficiently by our team.

It’s easy to Shift.

The Digital Profiling

The Digital Profiling

The School would be given a Digital Presence by maintaining their Profile on our website.

You don’t need to make your own website to reach to greater audience.

Aimed At Digital India

Aimed At Digital India

It’s a Home Grown Model for the Digital

You can be a part of this venture to aid our India go Digital and grow as a technically advanced nation.

Let’s Do This.

All At Real Time

All At Real Time

Everything would be done as and when required in real time.

Say no to delays.

Get and Receive all information on time.

Increase Productivity of School and Students.

Regular Service

Regular Service

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.
And we highly believe in providing value.

You would get regular service 24*7 regarding any issues that, if unfortunately, comes during the operations of your SchoolWare Solution.

Paper Friendly


Schools run on papers, from issuing circulars to results everything is printed on paper. Don’t bear that charge and switch to digital form of schooling now and project it as a digital and eco friendly school.

Save Trees and Redeem your right to safe environment.

Promote an eco-friendly culture in the school so that coming generation can also go to schools.

Meet Your Needs

Meet Your Needs. Built On Need.

You don’t have to make any changes in the present working system or structure of your school.

SchoolWare is built with a general approach that suits all schools irrespective of their functional structure.

So, It’s Built for you.

Five Fronts One Model

5 Fronts: 1 Model

You don’t need to adopt different management tools to manage different fronts like
Parents Communication, Teachers Management, Students Activities, Administration Tasks, Data Handling.

This saves lot of costs involved in adopting these management tools separately.

Upcoming Updates

Developement is a continuous process & We, at SchoolWare, are developing next level updates to make the experience with Schoolware better and take Indian schools to the next levels of digitalization.


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